Monday, 16 October 2017

Drama and the Quest for Provision of Portable Water in Rural Communities – A Study of Wota na Wota Experiment

Author: Greg Mbajiorgu


The objective of this paper is to examine how drama can be used to
exemplify the complex nature of the water and sanitation crises in rural
communities. In this paper, we will come to terms with how Wota na
Wota as an instrument of advocacy has compelled the reader to consider
the challenges of water scarcity that exist in our rural communities, thus,
stimulating the reader to psychological re-programme his/her mind
towards seeking lasting solutions to such problems. Using both the
observational and descriptive designs, this paper focuses our attention on
those aspects of water crises and water-related issues that most Nigerian
dramatists and theater scholars have tended to ignore or have taken for
granted (such as the socio-cultural dimension and implication of water). It
is thus, hoped that the study of Greg Mbajiorgu and Chike Aniakor’s wota
na wota will serve as a pathfinder towards re-orienting humanity on the
path to safe water and sanitation for all. On the other hand, this study is
equally designed to increase our literary appreciation of water as well as
serve as a warning against the consequences of water scarcity and its
related economic, social and health implication in rural communities.


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